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The need for quality and value based education is felt by the people at all levels of society today because of the tough competitions in the various walks of life. Such an education calls for a schooling that goes beyond the limits of text books, but includes exposure to the arts, crafts, skills and even the latest technology. The need is felt more strongly than ever before for a comprehensive education which will systematically contribute to the all round development of a child’s personality. Here lies the relevance of the Malankara educational institutions to fulfill the vital need of the present society. Its gives me a sense of pride and joy to know that Vimala English Vidyalaya, Kalathara are marching towards new heights. Malankara Catholic educational institutions have always been rated very high for the quality of education they impart. They are esteemed not only for their high academic standards, but also for the sound moral and spiritual values they inculcate and the open and secular outlook they foster. The Church’s contribution in the field of education has had a direct impact on the social and cultural aspects of the Indian society. I would say without any doubt that Vimala English Vidyalaya run by the diocese of Trivandrum are the best among such institutions and indeed an asset to our society. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Manager, Principal, Staff and Students whose selfless efforts and hard work made these institutions grow to their present stature. It is also heartening to know that the website of the institutions came out with magnificent colours. I am sure that this will give a picture of the life and activities of Vimala English Vidyalaya. It is my pleasure to convey my heartfelt appreciation to all the parents, teachers and students in making these institutions unique ones. May the Almighty God bless these institutions abundantly!

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